Crucial MX100 512GB SSD Review



Crucial MX100 is clearly one of the best options if you are looking for a top performing SSD. What’s more, with high performance doesn’t have to go high price. 512GB version of MX100 is available in online stores like Amazon for as low as $220 USD. That’s a great price considering that half year ago we had to pay nearly twice as much for 512GB SSD.

Speaking about performance, MX100 achieved one of the best results in all benchmarks with exceptional random read transfers. I don’t think anyone will be disapointed by MX100 results in daily work or while playing games.

Except high performance, MX100 is also offering us protection with AES 256 bit data encryption. The same encryption options we can also find in Crucial M550 series SSD.

Crucial MX100 512GB pht6ed

We had no issues during all our tests even while running long tests like PCMark8 which takes over one hour to pass. It just proves that even though our SSD came with first firmware version, it’s fully stable and Crucial spend lot of time to test everything before releasing MX100 to the market. I really like that as many manufacturers are more often saving time for internal tests and later users are becoming beta testers with various issues. With Crucial products it clearly won’t happen.



  • Great performance
  • Low price
  • Legendary Crucial Support
  • Prepared for 7mm and 9.5mm drive bays
  • Hardware encryption
  • Free Acronis True Image HD key



  •  none worth to mention


Final words:

It’s hard not to recommend Crucial MX100 SSD series. We are receiving great performing SSD in a low price. What else we could ask for ?

So all installation would be easier, Crucial is also adding Acronis True Image HD software and 7mm to 9.5mm spacer. Simply everything you need to install your new SSD. MX100 is one more Crucial product which clearly deserves for a high score and without hesitation received FunkyKit Recommended Award.








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