Crucial MX200 500GB M.2 Type 2280 SSD Review

Crucial recently refreshed its SSD line with the MX200 SSD series and as you can expect from the title, this review will be based on one of these SSD. We had a chance to test previous version which gathered some good comments. You can find Crucial MX100 512GB SATA review here.

After really good results of MX100 series, we count on even more from MX200. Since we are usually showing SSD in 2.5″ SATA form factor then this time will be little change. Crucial MX200 is available in SATA and all M.2 formats so it’s not an issue to pick one for nearly every computer type. However we will take a closer look at M.2 type 2280 version.

If you are interested in the latest SSD then stay wish us and check new Crucial MX200 500GB in M.2 form factor.

Crucial MX200 M2 pht2


 When the Crucial® MX100 was released, it set a new standard for SSDs that the Crucial MX200 pushes even further. Leveraging leading specs on all fronts, along with new Dynamic Write Acceleration technology, the Crucial MX200 is loaded with innovative features and immediately increases your system’s performance.


Crucial MX200 M2 pht8

Micron® quality – a higher level of reliability.

As a brand of Micron, one of the largest flash storage manufacturers in the world, the Crucial MX200 is backed by the same quality and innovation that has produced some of the world’s most advanced memory and storage technologies. With over a thousand hours of prerelease validation testing and hundreds of SSD qualification tests, the Crucial MX200 has been thoroughly tried, tested, and proven. Make the switch to the Crucial MX200 SSD and start getting more out of your storage



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