Crucial MX300 525GB SATAIII SSD Review


I mentioned at the beginning of this review that test platform will be a bit different than I’m usually using for storage reviews. This time I used Pentium G4400 which is lower frequency dual core processor. Not all need the most expensive processor for daily work or even playing games.

We will start from ATTO which is showing sequential bandwidth.


Performance in ATTO is better than the one declared by Crucial. Not much but 5-7MB/s more always count. About the same results were on 750GB version of MX300 but both SSD have the same specification so it was expected.

In CrystalDiskMark we can see one improvement which is random 4K bandwidth.


525GB MX300 on our less expensive platform performs about 10% better than 750GB version in previous review. This is interesting as both have the same firmware version and used operating system and drivers are the same.

Let’s move to the next benchmark.


Anvil’s Storage Utilities is again showing lower results than other tests. Even though that are lower then still isn’t bad. We’ve seen the same on probably every SSD brand.


On the other hand PCMark 8 is showing some nice numbers. Nearly 270MB/s is a good result for any kind of SSD in mixed load scenario. This benchmark is using a lot of data to perform tests what also proves that MX300 keeps good performance even during longer work.

Now let’s take a look how bandwidth changes after enabling Momentum Cache.


In CrystalDiskMark we can see big improvements on smaller files with maximum bandwidth of 1680MB/s!

Crucial promissed up to ten times higher bandwidth using Momentum Cache. I also said that we’ve seen results like that. Where we can see it you may ask … for sure in ATTO benchmark.


Results are over promissed ten times higher with maximum sequential read of 7.25GB/s! I assume it’s fast enough for everyone.


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