Crucial P5 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD Review

Momentum Cache

The Momentum Cache is a feature that uses PC memory to cache the most commonly used data to speed-up overall performance.

The Momentum Cache can be enabled in the Storage Executive software, which can be downloaded for free from Crucial’s website. Once enabled, the software will ask to restart the PC. It’s so simple, and we don’t have to do anything else.

Below are some results using the Momentum Cache with the P5 SSD.

Results are highly affected by the PC speed and installed RAM. In our case, we can see up to 9523MB/s! This result is slightly higher than the one we could achieve on the P2 SSD and is clearly limited by the laptop performance.

Results are much better when we work with small files, and what’s interesting, at 4GiB test files, the performance in sequential low queue bandwidth is even lower than that of the SSD without the Momentum Cache. The most important random performance is still much higher, so everything still looks good.

PCMark 10 Full System Drive Benchmark is showing us about a 15% performance gain with enabled Momentum Cache. It’s not so spectacular as with the P2 SSD, but still counts, and it’s free, so no one should complain.


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