KLEVV CRAS C910 Lite 2TB M.2 SSD Review



Host Interface NVMe PCIe Gen4x4
Form Factor M.2 2280
Capacity 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB
Controller Phison E21T
Flash Strictly-selected 3D NAND Flash
Dimension 80(L) x 22(W) x 2.15(H) mm
Weight 7g
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty

The C910 Lite SSD is available in capacities up to 4TB, so significantly higher than that of the C910 or even 930 SSD reviewed in the previous months.

Worth mentioning is a long five-year warranty. Not many SSDs, especially with QLC NAND, have such a long warranty.



  • Accelerated Performance for Work and Play
    Take advantage of the PCIe Gen4 technology, boasting impressive read/write speeds of up to 5000/4200MB/s. This translates to an enhanced experience for gamers, creatives, and professionals.
  • Up to 4TB Capacity
    The CRAS C910 Lite offers up to 4TB capacity in a compact size, allowing you to have easy access to all your important files and favorite games right at your fingertips.
    (For AAA games that are around 100GB, a 4TB SSD would be capable of storing 40 AAA games.)
  • Ultra-slim Single-sided SSD
    With its ultra-thin, single-sided SSD architecture, the CRAS C910 Lite is designed for optimal heat management and compatibility with various compact form factor devices such as mini-PCs and laptops.
  • Cutting-Edge 3D NAND Inside
    Utilizing meticulously-selected 3D NAND chip for better durability & performance, the CRAS C910 Lite delivers reliable quality with prominent TBW(Terabytes Written) that you get to use at ease.
    *TBW: Total terabytes of data the SSD can write in its lifetime
  • Optimal Gaming Performance
    The CRAS C910 Lite provides ample storage for all your latest games, ensuring that you never have to sacrifice for storage space. With its exceptionally quick read/write speeds, it significantly reduces load times, enabling you to dive straight into the game without delay.
  • Accelerate Your Workflow
    Boost your productivity with the CRAS C910 Lite. Enhance your efficiency as you multitask by switching seamlessly between different professional software.
  • Includes FREE Backup & Migration Software

    KLEVV CRAS C910 Lite SSD includes a software activation key of Acronis True Image HD, which offers comprehensive disk-image backup and universal restore, enabling users to effortlessly transfer data from their existing drive.



The SSD arrived in perfect condition with 0 hours and 0 GB written on the counter.

During tests, the C910 Lite SSD wasn’t throttling, and all tests passed without issues. AIDA64 reports programmed critical temperature limits of 85°C, which is more than enough for this SSD. In our tests, we haven’t seen more than 60°C, so we can be sure that throttling won’t be triggered, even in tight laptops and SFF PCs.

The C910 Lite SSD uses a Phison E21T controller, and even though specifications don’t say anything about DRAM, the product features suggest it’s a DRAM-less design, so it uses a PC’s RAM to perform these operations. Even though this idea gives a lower performance, it’s not so visible during work, while the SSD price is lower, and it heats up less, making it more laptop-friendly.
To improve the price per GB ratio, KLEVV used QLC NAND. As much as gamers dislike QLC-based SSDs, a lower TBW factor than the TLC NAND won’t be visible in a typical home PC. I wouldn’t recommend it for databases or more professional solutions, but at home, it should live up to the declared warranty, so at least five years.

So far, so good. Now, let’s take a look at the product itself.


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