OCZ Vertex 3 – 3.5″ 120GB SSD Review


Is your case lacking is good looking mounting options (or mounting options at all!) for 2.5″ SSDs? OCZ has you covered. They have recently released a series of SATA6 3.5″ SSDs!

This Vertex 3 3.5″ 120GB is the lowest capacity (and hence, least expensive) of the new series. OCZ previously released the Vertex 2 series in a 3.5″ form factor, but they didn’t look nearly as nice as this drive, nor did they go as fast.



OCZ as a company is known for this sort of innovation, this is hardly their first innovative product. Let’s let them have a block of text to talk about themselves

At a Glance


Founded in 2002, San Jose, California-based OCZ Technology Group, Inc. has built on its expertise in high-speed memory to become a dominant player in the manufacturing and distribution of solid state drives (SSDs), a disruptive, game-changing technology that is replacing traditional rotating magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs).

SSDs are faster, more reliable, run cooler, and use significantly less power than the HDDs used in the majority of computers today. In addition to SSD technology, OCZ also offers high performance components for computing devices and systems, including enterprise class power management products and industrial power accessories.  Source: OCZtechnology.com



OCZ was one of the first companies to leap on the SSD concept and they’ve been at the forefront of SSD technology ever since, they have a timeline on their About Us page if you’re curious.

Personally I’m curious about this drive, let’s check the specs out.


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