Patriot Burst 240GB 2.5″ SATA III SSD Review

Specifications and Features


Looking at the general specification, we can say that Patriot Burst is nothing spectacular and we are used to see similar drives for a while now. On the other hand, even though there are faster drives, given declared speed is still respectable. Patriot itself offers couple of faster SSD but what is important to remember when we compare the Burst performance is that this SSD is meant to replace HDD in a typical laptop or desktop computer. If we wish top performing SSD then we should look at the NVMe series like Scorch or Hellfire.

Patriot Burst offers most features that we can find in other new SSD. I don’t even have to mention TRIM which is a standard now but on the list we can find static and dynamic wear leveling, bad block management, low power management or smart zip.

I can’t find detailed info how much writes can handle this SSD but MTBF is expected at 2,000,000 hours so quite typical for SSD.


Our drive is in perfect condition as we can see on the above screenshot. Also temperature is quite low what is of course good. 33°C during work is less than we see on competitve drives.

The test sample has 240GB capacity what is not so much but also is more than enough for most computers. Times when we were keeping all data on our drives have passed and more users are using cloud storage or simply other web services to upload photos and videos. Still to run our PC without delays it’s good to have fast storage.


Package and Closer Look

Package is typical for new Patriot products. We’ve seen couple of other drives in the same type of small box with blister protection and short user’s manual. We don’t really need anything else to use our new drive.

On the package we can see that Patriot Burst is covered by three-year warranty. Not bad and I would say it’s what I was expecting. Average life of home PC is about three years so it’s just right if we are buying this drive for home or office usage.

The Burst is based on Phoson S11 controller. Phison controllers perform quite well so we are expecting good results. On the other hand we see that 32MB of cache can be a not enough for more demanding operations. We will see that in tests on the next page of this review.

The drive is in standard SATA 2.5″ form factor so it should fit every laptop and desktop PC. For desktop installation you may need 3.5″ to 2.5″ mounting kit but it’s really cheap and most computer hardware stores have them.

There is nothing unusual when we look at the exterior of the Burst. There are two large labels. Top label is telling us what series SSD and what capacity is the drive. Bottom label has additionally info about product and safety certificates. Exactly the same as we see on nearly every other SSD.

Let’s check how Patriot Burst 240GB SSD performs.


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