Patriot Hellfire 240GB NVMe M.2 SSD Review

Specifications, Features and Package

Hellfire M.2 SSD has arrived in a package which we usually see in flash drives. On the other hand M.2 form factor is small and this package type is just right.

On the package we can see general description of the drive and we can see that Patriot is offering three year warranty on Hellfire SSD. Could be more but it’s not that bad as average life of a gaming PC is about three years.

Now let’s take a closer look at the SSD itself.

One side of the drive is covered by a sticker which is telling us what product number and capacity has our SSD. There is also info that drive was made in Taiwan. Let’s say it’s pretty typical as most electronics are made in Taiwan or near countries.


Back of the SSD has only small sticker with serial number and once again capacity. What is more interesting isn’t covered. We can see Phison 5007-E7 controller, Toshiba 15nm MLC NAND and 256MB of Nanya low power DDR3. We can say it’s pretty interesting mix but made with low power and low heat on mind. In the previous products we had only good experience with Toshiba NAND and Phison controllers.

Closer photos of mentioned chips you can find below.


During all tests we haven’t seen higher temperature than 70°C. You can say it’s high but competitive NVMe drives like Samsung series are often working at 90°C+ and many users were complaining about overheating and throttling during work. Nothing like that is happening with Patriot Hellfire.


The Hellfire SSD comes without any software but we can download Patriot Tool Box from the support section on the Patriot website. It let us to check drives health, secure erase the drive or update firmware. Simple application but works good.


I was counting on additional drivers for NVMe SSD based on Phison controller but if I’m right drivers like that were not released as default Microsoft drivers are working good. I’m not sure if I can agree with that but let’s move to the Performance stage of our review.


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