Patriot Spark 256GB SATAIII SSD Review


Performance has been tested on the Intel Kaby Lake platform which includes the i7-7700K processor and ASUS Maximus IX APEX motherboard. The SSD was connected to SATA3 ports and Intel controller. Also in use were Intel AHCI drivers.

Let’s take a quick look at the specifications and we already see that Patriot Spark 256GB is performing better than we were expecting. Results are even better than those for 512GB version. Maximum read bandwidth is above 560MB/s while write bandwidth is above 540MB/s. So far everything looks great so let’s move to the next benchmark.

CrystalDiskMark is showing a bit lower bandwidth but still above the expectations. Both sequential and random transfers are high. I wish to see higher 4K read bandwidth but it’s still not bad for the Spark. We have to remember it’s not the highest series SSD.

Results in Anvil’s Storage Utilities are quite low. This benchmark is often showing lower results but I was still counting on a bit higher bandwidth. On the other hand random operations look good and these are the most important in daily work.

Current market is flooded by SSD in similar performance as Patriot Spark but the Spark is still a bit better than many other SSD in similar price.

Regardless if you are playing games or doing anything else, Patriot Spark delivers good performance and is interesting option if you are looking for a replacement of HDD or older and already slow SSD.


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