Toshiba Exceria Pro 32GB UHS-II SD Card Review

Toshiba Exceria pht4e

Toshiba has recently introduced the Exceria Pro UHS-II compatible SD card designed for the most demanding users. This small storage device is capable to run with speeds up to 260MB/s read and 240MB/s write. That already looks amazing for an SD card. Let us now move along to check the performance of the Toshiba Exceria Pro in our benchmark suite of tests.


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Toshiba delivers technology and products remarkable for their innovation and artistry – contributing to a safer, more comfortable, more productive life.

We bring together the spirit of innovation with our passion and conviction to shape the future and help protect the global environment – our shared heritage.

We foster close relationships, rooted in trust and respect, with our customers, business partners and communities around the world.


Here is also part of the Toshiba’s message from Hisao Tanaka, Director, President and CEO:

Our target is Growth through Creativity and Innovation – to enhance corporate value continuously by pursuing growth that does not overly depend on market growth, but that is driven by Toshiba’s own unique creative powers of imagination; our own abilities to generate new engines for growth. To unleash this new growth, we are seeking value creation and synergies by combining already existing technologies with intellectual property drawn from across Toshiba Group’s business fields. Alongside this, we are creating new products and services derived from innovative new technologies. We are also pursuing enhanced quality and efficiency, higher speed, and improved productivity throughout our operations.


Today we are going to test the Toshiba Exceria Pro 32GB on the Intel Core platform using a Panasonic USB 3.0 reader and the Intel USB 3.0 controller.


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