Toshiba HG6 512GB SATA SSD Review



To measure the Toshiba HG6 performance, we have used the most popular storage benchmarks such as ATTO, CrystalDiskMark, AS SSD and Anvil’s Storage Utilities.

The test platform is based on a Core i5 4670K CPU and an ASRock Z87M OC Formula motherboard. The Toshiba SSD has been connected via Intel SATA3 controller.


ATTO Disk Benchmark




At the beginning, let us move back to the specification table where we can see the maximum declared transfers, which are 534MB/s read and 482MB/s write. Looking at our ATTO results we can only say that transfers in specification are way too low. We were able to reach 554MB/s sequential read and 521MB/s sequential write bandwidth!

The above results are showing the really high potential which is hidden in the HG6 SSD. Also the results with smaller files are really good which is not always possible on other SSDs.



 CrystalDiskMark 3.0.3 x64




CrystalDiskMark is showing slightly lower sequential bandwidth but the results are also above those declared by Toshiba. The read speeds surpassed 538MB/s while the write speeds were 507MB/s.

We can also see the high random transfers but I deny the fact that I was expecting slightly higher 4K results. The general performance is really good so let us move onto the next test and find out if we can repeat these results in the AS SSD benchmark.



AS SSD Benchmark





The results in the AS SSD benchmark are again slightly lower than in the previous test. Here we could not reach the declared maximum read transfer while writes are again above 482MB/s. We are already used to seeing lower results on every SSD in AS SSD benchmark. Different files and test procedure are causing lower general results but we have nothing to worry about as overall performance is again really high.



Anvil’s Storage Benchmark



Anvil’s tests are showing a similar situation to the AS SSD banchmark. Sequential read is above 520MB/s while write above 486MB/s. We can also see 78k+ IOPS in read tests what is of course good result.

Even though specification tells us higher numbers, benchmarks are usually showing slightly lower results. Manufacturers are always providing us maximum values that we can expect on each drive but it will be never constant because of various test file sizes used in benchmarks or daily usage.

The Toshiba HG6 SSD performs really good. We had no issues or sudden bandwidth drops during all tests. We can count on high bandwidth even on small files as proved to us in the ATTO Benchmark. It is great as most files that are used in daily operation are actually small.

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