The Box and Packaging

The box and packaging is pretty neat and tidy. But for a “compact mini” card, the box is surprisingly large. Hahaha.


Photo Galley

The card is nice and compact, measuring just 211mm x 128mm x 41mm. It’s a dual slot card and features 1 x 8-pin PCIE power connector, but no connector for NVLink, which means you can’t run two of these cards together.

Featuring IceStorm 2.0 … it consists of the decent size Aluminium heatsink which covers the entire card, and come with heatpipes for fast heat dissipation. The whole thing is then cooled by two fans … a 90mm fan, and a large 100mm fan. There’s also a decent size backplate for extra cooling and durability, again it covers the entire length of the card.


For video outputs, you get 1 x DVI, 3 x DisplayPort and 1 x HDMI output. There’s no USB-C connector. You ‘ll probably find that on the bigger models such as the RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti.




There was absolutely no issues with installation. the compact mini size is perfect for any ITX builds and will fit in 99% of all systems and chassis on the market.


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