Wide Angle and Macro Photo Lens for Mobile and Tablet

I’ve been using my iPhone Xr to take photos everywhere I go. It’s convenient and fast, and the quality of the photos are good enough for Instagram and other social media. However, I needed some specialist shots …. like super wide angle or close-up macro shots, which iPhone Xr just doesn’t do (nor do the new iPhone 12). So to fix this, the other day I picked one of these cheap, wide angle and macro photo lens for my mobile phone. And to my surprise, the photos I took came out a lot better than I thought.

Meet the Phone Lens for Mobile / iPad … yeah I know, the name kinda sucks lol! It’s a lens mount that clamps to any mobile phone or tablet and supports 6K Ultra HD, yes 6K (well I wouldn’t take it word for word) with a HD wide angle lens and a built-in x20 macro lens. And what’s even better … it only costs $15 bucks!


Box and Packaging

The packaging is simple. You get a small carry pouch, a cloth for cleaning your lens, a lens clamp, and of course the HD wide-angles lens itself.


The Lens and Clamp

The lens comes with a lens protector which is nice. You’ll also find a lens clamp with the package. You need to unscrew the main wide-angle lens to reveal x20 HD Macro lens (see bottom center photo).


Lens Clamped and Ready for Use

The lens clamp feels surprisingly robust. Just screw the lens on to the clamp and you’re ready to go. Make sure you align the HD wide-angle lens over the lens of the mobile phone. Use the phone’s display to make sure there’s now blurred images or mis-alignment.




Photos Comparison

We took a few shots using the x20 HD Macro and wide angle lens. See below for the comparison. On the left, you’ll find the standard photo taken with the iPhone’s camera. On the right, you’ll see the result of the lens added … producing a wide-angle and x20 HD Macro photos.


Conclusion and Verdict

Well, after playing around with it, I’m really please with the results. The macro shots were surprisingly sharp and crisp. I can also take wide-angle too. The name of the product however, is a little confusing “6K HD Wide Angle lens”. The truth is … it’s not actually 6K. It might be 4K, but that’s to do with the resolution of the phone’s camera, and not the lens. Still, the wide angle shots were OK, but there’s some distortion on the out edges, which I’m not too bothered.

What makes this product shine for me, is the close-up shots produced by the x20 HD Macro lens. Just look at the photos (above) I’ve taken and you’ll see the sharpness and crisp detail. It’s perfect for taking close-up shots of the integrated circuits of PC components 😛 

And finally, this little camera lens can be mounted on any mobile phone (iPhone or Android) or even tablet.



You can buy the Wide Angle and Macro Photo Lens for Mobile and Tablet for around USD $25 from Amazon – https://amzn.to/3jzc8Vp


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