New H.266 Codec Uses Half the Data to Stream 4K Video

July 8, 2020 0

This is extremely promising, especially for content creators. It will mean smaller file size to work with, plus the upload/download will be must faster thus saving bandwidth.  Taken from Engadget … Fraunhofer, the German company

Sonarworks SoundID now Available on Both PCs and MACs

April 29, 2020 0

Any musicians out there? … Well check this cool gadget out. Sonaworks SoundID creates a custom profile that’s unique to you, perfect for all you audiophiles. Taken from Engadget … Sonarworks first announced its SoundID software at

Eyesy Video Synthesizer Powered by Raspbery Pi

April 2, 2020 0

This is a pretty cool gadget … it converts sounds and audio into visually stunning video graphics. You can now become a VDJ 😛 Taken from Engadget … Critter & Guitari gave its Organelle music computer a

28.6 Million Subscribers Has Signed up to Disney+

February 5, 2020 0

With a monthly subscription cost of only USD $6.99 … it’s no wonder, subscribers are signing up! Taken from Engadget … Disney’s start on direct-to-customer streaming came out of the gate with the bang, as

Turn Your Roku Speakers into a Surround Sound System

January 30, 2020 0

If you’re a Home Theatre Enthusiast … then this might interest you. Taken from Engadget … Roku has been steadily building up its audio hardware over the past few years — first with its wireless speakers ($150),

Disney+ Coming to Europe Next Week

January 21, 2020 0

It’s going to be a big storm for both users and its competitors … Disney+ is coming to Europe next week! Taken from Engadget … If you live in Europe and you’ve been patiently waiting

Klipsch Debuts Noise-cancelling Headphones

January 2, 2020 0

Wow up to 30 hours of noise-cancelling wireless playback! Taken from Engadget … Alongside new true-wireless earbuds, Klipsch will show off its first pair of wireless over-ear noise-cancelling headphones at CES 2020. For now, they’re simply called Over-Ear

Sega Delivers The Best Mini Console Yet

September 16, 2019 0

I wouldn’t mind having one to be honest 🙂  … mark your calendar for Amazon’s next Echo event, and check out our review of the Genesis Mini and find out how Pepsi’s reward program is

TCL Working on a Personal Cinema Visor

September 9, 2019 0

TCL turned up at IFA this year with a couple of prototype devices that it hopes will inform the future direction of its products. The first was a “wearable display concept” that looks an awful

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