4 Ways to Earn Money With Cryptocurrency

August 1, 2019 0

The cryptocurrency explosion propelled Bitcoin and a whole host of other cryptos into the mainstream consciousness. Ever since the 2017 crypto boom, we’ve been inundated by various experts and pundits who’ve both extolled or put

ASUS Intros H370 Mining Master Motherboard

May 31, 2018 0

The USB cable from the PCIE riser cards can plug directly into these “USB” ports on the motherboard, thus saving space and improve stability. ASUS rolled out one of its first crypto-currency miner-friendly motherboards based

Best GPUs for Mining in 2018

March 12, 2018 0

Want to build a mining rig? Don’t know what graphic cards to get? Well, Tech Radar has posted a guide … the best mining GPU 2018: the best graphics cards for mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

Our Crypto-Mining Rig 2018 Update

March 8, 2018 0

Last week, we decided to build a mining rig using some of the spare hardware that was laying around in our studio. We didn’t know what to expect or whether it was worth it, but

Bitcoin May Be Making a Comeback Recently

February 15, 2018 0

After a recent crash the crypto currency bitcoin may be recovering. As of right now bitcoin has almost doubled in price from its lowest point of around $5000 during the crash currently sitting around $9725. The

Hackers Target Government Websites For Cryptocurrency Mining

February 12, 2018 0

I can see hackers hijacking a LOT of computers this year … for the sole purpose of crypto-mining.  It’s not just private companies’ websites falling victim to cryptocurrency mining hijacks. Security consultant Scott Helme and the Register have discovered that

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