Modder Creates a Radeon RX Vega Nano

January 30, 2020 0

This is what happens when modders get creative … It’s a nano version of the Radeon RX Vega! It’s perfect for any SFF system or mini PC. Taken from Wccftech … Back when Fiji GPUs

PowerColor Radeon RX Vega Nano Pictured

April 20, 2018 0

Could this be the “tiniest” Radeon RX Vega graphics card ever produced? A mysterious Radeon RX Vega Nano graphics card from manufacturer PowerColor made a surprise appearance at AMD’s Ryzen 2000 series launch event held

BitGrail Italian Cryptocurrency Exchange Loses $170 million

February 12, 2018 0

One of the biggest problems with cryptocurrency exchanges is that they’re a juicy, enticing target for high-tech criminals. Case in point, Italian exchange BitGrail, which lost $170 million worth of Nano tokens, a little-known digital coin previously

ZOTAC Introduces the Silent ZBOX C-series Nano

June 3, 2014 0

  ZOTAC, a global leader in graphics cards, mini-PCs, and more has recently introduced a new line of ZBOX C-Series Nano that is completely passively cooled. With support for up to 4th Generation Intel i5 and