MSI Releases Optix MAG272C Monitor For Gamers

July 31, 2020 0

MSI monitors ain’t too bad. I actually own a MSI Optix MAG27CQ Curved Gaming Monitor and I really like it. The newer model offers a faster refresh rate of 165 Hz. Taken from Guru3D … MSI announced

MSI Releases Optix G27C5 Curved Monitor

April 30, 2020 0

We reviewed the MSI Optix MAG27CQ Curved Gaming Monitor (144Hz) a while back and we loved it. Now MSI have release a similar monitor but with an impressive refresh rate of 165Hz. Taken from TPU …

MSI Releases the Optix MAG301CR Gaming Monitor

April 16, 2020 0

MSI, the industry-leading brand yet again takes charge of setting trends in the gaming monitor scene. The Optix MAG301CR is a 30-inch WFHD ultra-wide gaming that is built to give you a competitive edge with

MSI Unveils the Optix MAG272QR 27-inch Fast 1440p Monitor

December 27, 2019 0

Lovely looking 27-inch gaming monitor from MSI with a fast 1ms response-time. Taken from TPU … MSI today unveiled the Optix MAG272QR, a 27-inch fast gaming monitor. Slotted in the company’s Arsenal Gaming family, the MAG272QR features

MSI Optix MAG241C Curved Gaming Monitor Review

May 8, 2019 0

Curved monitors are all the rage these days. Like them or hate them … these curved monitors will be around for quite some time!  So what makes curved monitors so special? Well, a curved screen has a

MSI Announces the OPTIX Line of Gaming Monitors

July 5, 2017 0

MSI unveiled some of its first gaming monitors, under the MSI OPTIX brand. These include two models, the 27-inch OPTIX G27C, and the 24-inch OPTIX G24C. Both models feature Samsung-made TN-film display panels with 1800R