Building AMD Ryzen mini ITX Gaming PC with Alphacool Water Cooling

We’ve received Alphacool water cooling components which are great to build high performance, really quiet and at the same time small gaming PC . I was thinking about a typical water cooling review but I guess this form of the article will be more interesting and will show you how easy is to build great performing, yet small PC with liquid cooling.

Alphacool AIO kits are probably the most user-friendly liquid coolers. Easy to install and fully modular. Also their price is really good.

All presented water cooling components are available in online store.



Below you can see how our ITX gaming PC looks. Not so flashy but offers high performance and silence at the same time. I guess that some readers will not find it any special looking from the outside while some will like the fact it doesn’t look like a toy.

On the next pages of this article you will see how easy is to build small and well-performing gaming computer or a small workstation based on the AMD Ryzen processor. In the same way can be built Intel based computer.

Buy all the components in this review/article from Amazon …




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