EpicGear MorphaX Modular Gaming Mouse Review

The MorphaX is EG’s first fully modular mouse, minus being able to adjust the height of the palm rest, and on the basis of its performance sits as the big brother of their gaming mice range:


Technical Specifications

On paper the MorphaX is an improved version of the Morpha, looking identical to both the Morpha and Zora making it suitable for both right-handed and left-handed gamers, but the main thing that stands out is the dpi of both the sensors provide, 8200dpi for the laser sensor, and the optical IR sensor producing 12000dpi matching top end gaming mice from other manufacturers.

The MorphaX is also a the lightest mouse in EG’s gaming mice range, coming in at 92.6grammes without any of the weights, and 112.6grammes with all the weights installed.




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