EpicGear MorphaX Modular Gaming Mouse Review

Verdict & Conclusion

As a no-fuss looking gaming mouse, EpicGear’s MorphaX is a jack of all trades, giving you the ability to adjust the weight, mouse button tactile feel, and DPI, and with the newly released software provided by EG, the MorphaX just shines. Many gamers might bemoan the fact that the MorphaX with its symmetrical design lacks additional features such as extra mouse buttons, but it is this exact simplicity that appeals to me, in the frantic moments of gaming I don’t press the wrong button by mistake.

Being the big brother of EG’s gaming mouse range, the MorphaX’s RRP of US$130 certainly reflects that, but is also in-line with EG’s pricing of not being too expensive. The MorphaX will tick many of the boxes for gamers, and does so without any compromise in performance. As a matter of fact, even without it’s software released I have already switched over to using the MorphaX. Buy now at Amazon – https://goo.gl/KS6xD6


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