Dell Latitude 10 Tablet Review


Sales of Windows 8 Tablets haven’t been as strong as Microsoft had hope. One of the reasons for this, could be the fact that Microsoft’s own Windows 8 tablet aka “Surface” is both expensive and rare.

To this day, I have yet to see one in the stores. Another reason could be because of the confusion between Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro. And yes, Microsoft do have both Surface RT and Surface Pro available for sale.




Confused yet? And what’s the difference? Well, to put everything simply … just remember the any tablet running Windows RT (Surface RT included) will not have the option of running Windows 8 in a traditional desktop apps.

The Surface RT will feature a mobile processor such as the Nvidia Tegra 3, or in some cases an Intel Atom processor with prices costing around $499.

Surface Pro, however will include a much more powerful Intel Core i5 processor or possibly a higher-end Intel Atom. In other words, Windows RT tablets will ran an OS that is basically a cut-down version of Windows 8 Pro, aimed at the non tech-savvy consumer market.


Another disadvantage is the closed platform for Windows RT apps. Apps are available only through Microsoft’s Windows store, although it does include built-in apps such as Mail, People, Messaging, Photos, SkyDrive, Music and Video.

A more attractive option for a lot of prosumers and business users would be getting a Windows 8 Pro tablet instead. However, the price is ridiculously high costing upwards of $800 or more.



Even with everything stacked up against Microsoft’s Windows 8, it hasn’t really deterred PC manufacturers from releasing their Windows 8 tablets, both RT and Pro versions … the latter being the better choice. Can Windows 8 tablets can survive against the onslaught of its competitors? And will it be able to carve out a small niche market for itself … only time will tell.

Thanks to Dell, we’ll be taking a quick look at the Dell Latitude 10 tablet. It’s one Dell’s latest tablets based on Windows 8 Pro, and it’s powered by Intel’s Atom Z2760 processor running at 1.8Ghz.





Other features includes a 10.1″ IPS (1366 X 768) wide view angle touch LCD, featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass and capacitive 5 finger touch capability. There’s 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz, 64GB of solid state drive for storage and Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator (533MHz). For connectivity, there’s a SD card slot and an optional SIM card slot for mobile broadband (HSPA+). It also comes with a removable battery, active stylus and HDMI output.

At first glance, the Dell Latitude 10 looks pretty decent, but you’ll later discover that it’s actually bigger than the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 and the iPad by quite a bit. Measuring 10.8″ (w) x 0.4” (h) x 7.0″ (d) and weighing 1.47 lbs, it’s not as compact or light-weight as you might think.






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