Patriot Viper V370 7.1 Gaming Headset Review

Look and aesthetics


Need not to say, RGB everywhere~

4 patterns for choosing: Static, Breathe, Blink, and Heart Beat, which lights up when sounds come in.

Nylon, always the first indication of high quality wiring~ Not only it provided better strength by dispersing tensional force applied evenly on a length of weaved nylon, but also the black and red remix gave it a more cool and professional gamer feeling in terms of aesthetics!

On the back of the left speaker, you may find a Sub-Woofer Switch and a volume control wheel. Get your ear ready to be shocked by heavy waves of Deep BASS when you switch the Bass switch on!

Microphone unit can be slide up and hidden inside the left speaker, quite a solid build. It hided when you don’t want something “extendable” swinging around and it’s handy to be ready when in need, simply slide it down and it’s good to go.

Secondary pair of  fabric ear cups which provides another choice for those who don’t want their facial skin around the ear to get sticky and sweaty by being air penetrable. So sweet, Patriot!



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