Patriot Viper V370 RGB and V361 7.1 Virtual Surround Gaming Headset Review Round Up

A Closer Look

The majority of the headsets are plastic. The piece connecting the headband and the speakers does contain metal and I am assuming that it runs the entirety of the headband because you do have some tension when flexing the units. The USB cord is braided and seems to hold up well to any kinks. The USB connector is gold plated and should minimize interference. The microphone snugly hides inside the speaker when not in use and the volume and the bass boost switches are easily accessible while wearing the headsets. If the leather feel isn’t your style you can easily change to a cloth earcup. The process to change the earcups was easy enough I didn’t even need to use the included tool.

V370 – V361


Now let us take a look and see how the Patriot Headsets perform!




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