Patriot Viper V370 RGB and V361 7.1 Virtual Surround Gaming Headset Review Round Up


V370 – V361

After using these headset for a while I can safely say the bass boost in fact enriches the deep bass. My only complaint about either of these headsets are that at full volume the speakers do struggle to handle that type of load and began to distort. This was found while listening to music. Now as far as the speakers struggling in-game, I never really noticed the struggle when explosions or casually playing any FPS.

The built-in microphone with noise cancellation makes for a crystal clear sound and folds away while not in use. Simply fold it out to turn it on and fold it away to turn it off.  Volume and UBR controls are conveniently located on the ear cup, eliminating the need for an awkward and heavy audio controller on the cord.

Experience Patriot’s revolutionary Ultra Bass Response (UBR) system to add an extra dimension of enhanced audio to your game play. Simply flip a switch to enable two powerful sub-woofers to really feel the game between your ears.

**The RGB LED illumination and audio settings can be customized using the Viper software.




V370 Downloads

Viper V370 Headset Sku Sheet DOWNLOAD

Viper V370 Headset Software DOWNLOAD

Viper V370 User Manual DOWNLOAD

Viper V370 User Manual- Poland DOWNLOAD


There we have it! The Patriot Viper V370 and the V361 brought to us by Patriot! Let us cover a few final thoughts in the conclusion of our review.




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