Blunt As Fcuk: Episode 1 – Splash-Proof Gigabyte Aorus K9 Keyboard

Welcome to our 1st episode of “Blunt as Fcuk ” … Where we get down to the nitty gritty. We take a quick look at the Gigabyte Aorus K9 mechanical gaming keyboard and give it a “Blunt as Fcuk” splash-proof test 😛



The Gigabyte Aorus K9 Optical Mechanical gaming keyboard is a real gem. It’s compact and smaller than most gaming keyboards I’ve come across. The Flaretech RED switches are super responsive and best of all, the keyboard if completely splash-proof. If you’re a gamer who’s after a durable and responsive RGB gaming keyboard, then there’s no reason not to put this on your shopping list.

You can buy the Gigabyte Aorus K9 Optical Mechanical gaming keyboard from various e-tailers for around USD $140.

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