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Sony A7ii

You can use vintage camera lens on nearly all of our modern cameras but with hands-on experience, I wanted to talk you through the benefits of using these on a Sony A7ii series (A7ii, A7Sii, A7Rii) camera. Being a mirrorless camera, the camera body itself is more compact and lightweight compared to other DSLR cameras. With vinatge lenses being relative smaller, these camera bodies gives a greater balance when you hold them.

Why I mentioned the A7ii series and not its predecessor the A7 is because of the in-built stabilizer. Whilst the likes of Canon and Nikon DSLRs make use of their stabilization on the lens itself, the Sony A7ii series have lenses that have in-built stabilization and in the body itself, so hand holding the camera to take photos gives you that extra strop of stabilization. Older lenses do not not have any stabilization built-in, so you can fully utilize this function built into the A7ii series.

Another function of modern cameras that you can benefit from when using old manual focus lenses is Focus Assist. By presetting a button on the camera with this function on the A7ii, it lets you select the area you want to focus on (move accordingly with the thumb navigational buttons) and then another press with zoom in x5 magnification for you to get a more precise focus in the highlighted area, Another press and you’re into x10 magnification.


Channels of buying

I’m going to leave you here to let you digest all the information. As for channels of buying vintage camera lenses, I’ll be covering that in another article, along with highlighting some the best places to shop from if and when you are in Hong Kong!

Stay tuned!

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