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Project Stream Box All-in-One – Video Capture, Audio Interface & Control Deck

Ever since I started streaming our LIVE shows more than 3 years ago, I’ve been using 3 different devices all connected via USB.  These USB devices include the an EVGA XR1 external video capture card,  RODE AI-1 audio interface & Elgato Stream Deck. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I just hated plugging all those USB cables, and having to arrange these devices on my desk area each time I wanted to stream.

I needed an all-in-one solution and after searching the internet I found the Roland VR1-1HD streaming mixer. It had everything I wanted. Video switching, voice changer/effects, 3 HDMI input,  2 x XRL audio inputs, USB recording and a control panel, etc. I was about to upgrade my setup to the Roland VR1-1HD, until I saw the price!  At USD $1,000 … I thought hell NO!

My current streaming setup, albeit separate standalone devices, works perfectly so why pay USD $1,000 – $1,500 for the convenience of having everything all-in-one.

In the end, I was fed of searching for a suitable device and decided to take matters in to my own hands!


The Solution

First of all, I needed a suitable box or casing that I can use to house my devices. So I measure the dimension of the EVGA XR1 external video capture card and the RODE AI-1 audio interface. My Elgato Stream Deck can be placed on top of the box so I can easily use it as a control deck. Luckily I found a wooden box that matched the dimensions.

After outlining where my devices would be positioned within the box, I used the good old trused Dremel to cut and prepare the box. Making the holes was the hardest part 😛

Next, I mounted a 4 port USB hub inside the box, and then prepared the USB cables of each device to connect to the USB hub. I also added a fitted some foam padding that will help give it a nice snug fit.

Once all the devices are in place and all the USB cables are connected to the hub … all I need to do is just plug in one USB cable from the hub (which is inside the box) to my computer.

Yes, there will be other cables that needs to be plugged in … such as the XRL cable from the microphone, headphone cable and HDMI cable (from camera). But at least all of the devices are now in one box with just one USB cable connected to the computer.



Time to Give it a Lick of Paint

We used regular spray paint from your local hardware store. Of course, make sue you prepare the wooden box with several coats of primer.

Then spray the box in the colour of your choice. I’m a little boring … I just used black spray paint. My painting/spraying skills weren’t great … but it’s the best I could do 😀

After the paint has dried, we mounted everything back in as before. We also added some foam padding to make sure all the devices fitted snuggly. Alternatively, you can use a glue gun to to secure the devices in place. This part is optional. Once completed, we glued the casing together and secured it.

We secured the Elgato Stream Deck v2 on top of the box with some 3M double sided tape. This will allow me to easily access all the buttons and control my LIVE stream via OBS/Streamlabs.

Time to enjoy my DIY Stream Box an all-in-one streaming solution featuring video capture, audio interface & control deck … all in one box.



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