WTF is Going on With GPU Prices (Jan 2018) – Blame it on Cryptocurrency

Prices of GPUs have recently sky-rocketed in recent months … this is all thanks to those crazy cryptocurrency miners. Even in Hong Kong where they usually have plenty in stock and prices are normally the cheapest in the world. On average prices have increased between 25-50%, and in some cases more than doubled for high-end GPUs!

We find out WTF is going on … watch the video below.



I also conduct a short interview in Cantonese with a local sales person (with subtitles). Time stamp 4:30


You can now buy mining rigs ready made. Prices range from USD $2,800 to $5,000 depending on the type of GPUs you want to install.

The most popular rigs uses the BIOSTAR Bitcoin Mining motherboard and 5 x GeForce GTX 1060s.

I did go to one store and there were 3 mining rigs running. You can seriously feel the heat from those rigs. I wouldn’t like to know what it will be like during the summer. Good luck cooling these rigs! LOL!


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