6 Tech Upgrades That Are Changing How Small Businesses Work

The technology utilized in business is constantly changing, and those companies that don’t stayahead of the curve suffer.Automating processes and incorporating new methods into yoursmall business can increase efficiency and keep you competitive in your market.

The following are just a few innovations that will change the world of your small business.


1. Inventory Management

Knowing what you have in your inventory helps you make sure that you don’t spend too much money on repurchasing. Knowing what you have on hand and what you need will help you run your business much more efficiently. Programs like topShelf by scout are designed to help you manage your entire product catalog with one small press of your keyboard. Having this information will help you make informed decisions regarding your business anytime and anywhere.


2. Digital Payment Forms

If you don’t have a way to accept Google Wallet or Apple Pay,then you need to get mobilepayments into your company as soon as possible. This form of payment is expected to skyrocket in the next few years, and not having one can seriously stunt your brand’s growth.Digital payments allow for faster and more streamlined checkouts. At first, it may not seem this way,as you might experience some adjustment hiccups.However,using digital payment shows your consumers that you’re forward-thinking and willing to adapt.


3. Information Security

Internet security should be one of your number one priorities if you have any sales based online. There are more than 15 million people who suffer from identity theft each year. Many of those affected have been hacked through point-of-sale security breaches or online purchase form. As online shopping continues to be the most popular way to shop, there is no doubt that cybercrime won’t vanish anytime soon.By increasing security surrounding your online payment forms, you ensure that your customers’sensitive data and payment information is kept safe. You can do this by updating your card readers and looking into hiring a data security consultant to review your company’s website.


4. Remote Workers

As a small business owner, you need reliable employees. However, having in-house employees can increase overhead costs and many applicants that will apply often won’t be qualified.Luckily, many people work as freelancers so that they can fulfill their work duties from home.If your brand is largely based on the internet, hiring workers who can get the job done from home is the smartest way for you to go. Managing remote employees may seem like an intimidating, near-impossible task. However, some tools and programs make it easier than ever to track progress and ensure that they’re meeting the needs of your business.


5. Appointment Scheduling Software

If the services you offer rely on appointments,then getting some appointment scheduling software other than an excel spreadsheet would be the best idea to ensure your business is organized. It will make potential clients who are reluctant to phone in more likely to use your service since this software allows them to set everything up without the aid of an employee.Having an appointment management program will streamline the scheduling process for your consumers while freeing up time for your administrative employees.


6. Live Chat Customer Service

Customer service is the most important aspect of any business. Effective and fast customer care will help your business succeed. Nowadays, there are several technologies that can help you achieve top-notch support. The most important of these is live chat.

Live chat gives customers instant assistance to those who need it, allowing them to easily access information about your service. When their questions are answered quickly, it makes them more likely to return.


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