Beginner’s Luck: 6 Tips to Start Selling on Amazon

Amazon is a great way to make money in the modern age. You don’t have to commit to becoming an Amazon seller full-time, either. Many people sell products on Amazon in addition to their traditional 9-5 job to make a bit more income. 

While it does take a level of work and dedication, it’s entirely possible to become a successful Amazon seller without sacrificing any other aspects of your life. Some people even go on to quit their job because they are earning more through Amazon! 

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, it’s time to start selling on Amazon. But before you do, check out the following six tips below. They will help you create a successful Amazon business from the get-go. 


1. Use the Tools Available To You

You don’t have to do everything manually anymore. Technology is your best friend in this case, so use it to your advantage! There are many seller tools and resources you can use to find the right products, choose the best price, and even handle fulfillment! 

Jungle Scout is one of the most popular Amazon product research tools, but it’s not always right for everyone. You can check out this article by Project FBA on Jungle Scout alternative to find one with the right features and billing plan for you.

2. Upgrade to a Professional Account

You don’t need a professional account to be an Amazon seller, but there are plenty of advantages to it. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Pay a flat $39.99/month plus 15% of sales rather than $0.99 of each sale plus the 15%, better for volume
  • Create new product listing and product bundles
  • Access to feedback tools (inventory reports, spreadsheets)
  • Promotions and gift services
  • Buy box access

3. Optimize Product Details

Optimize the copy of your product details for search by thinking the way the searcher would. Fill in as many details as you can, like title, description, size, and color, so they can find your product regardless of how they’re searching for it. 

4. Use High-Quality Imagery

When the products aren’t convincing or seem poorly photoshopped, a buyer is more likely to hesitate when making a purchasing decision. High-quality photos that accurately depict the product are absolutely crucial. To make sure your images look good after uploading them, take a look at Amazon’s product image guidelines that will tell you things like pixels and size.

5. Keep Pricing Competitive

The worst thing you can do if you’re trying to sell products on Amazon is price your items much higher than anything else they’ll find. Sure, you’ll make more per order, but you won’t get many orders. Keep your prices competitive by regularly checking out the competition and adjusting as necessary.

6. Hold High Customer Service Standards

One thing that will ruin a customer’s impression of your products is poor customer service. It’s much cheaper and easier to retain a customer than to acquire a new one, so it’s worth the extra effort to follow up with all orders, make sure clients are happy, and keep them coming back. This is also a great way to earn positive seller and product reviews, which go a long way!

Keep Your Eye On the Prize

When you’re just starting as a seller on Amazon, it can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to manage, but once you get in the flow of it, you’ll start making money even in your sleep! Use the six tips offered above to get you started on the right foot and keep your eye on the prize — you’ll get where you want to be soon enough.


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