Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid in Your Essay

Many students consider the essay assignment to be a trivial task, which does not require much expertise. In reality, students must have a basic understanding of the main principles of writing. If you do not have enough experience, you may ask yourself the question like “who can do essay for me?” You can find reliable and highly professional writing services on the internet, in case the task seems to be much more complicated than you could expect. However, as a college student, you should learn about the most common mistakes you should avoid while writing your college essay. This article will help you avoid common errors in writing essays, improve your writing skills, optimize your efforts, and avoid any kind of negative consequences such as bad grades.


The most common essay errors are divided into the following categories:

Content mistakes

There are a lot of different types of college essays. Each of them is supposed to contain certain kinds of content. Many inexperienced students let writing digress from an essential purpose. This is how you spoil the overall impression. You should not write a college essay in which the content does not reflect the real topic. Before you start writing, you should read the question carefully, select the keywords, and elaborate on the idea with your teacher. You should never write your college essay without an eye-catching introduction, which serves as the background for the entire essay. If you fail to compose an exciting introduction, it will be impossible to explain the rest of your information. Never write your essay without a thesis statement, which is the fundamental idea of the topic. Give your potential reader hint regarding the way you want to develop the theme. It is essential to support your thesis statement with proper evidence. Think in advance how you want to support your thesis statement. Do you have enough ideas? Each idea requires your proof. That is why you must provide many examples; otherwise, your college essay will be without any depth of thought. In order to make your essay complete, you have to write a conclusion. It works as a generalization and summary related to your thesis statement.

Vocabulary mistakes

When we write a college essay, we use vocabulary which is different from the one we use in everyday life. Make sure that your content does not have slang, colloquialisms, jargon, and some other inappropriate elements. Essay writing is a challenging task. You should learn how to develop your ideas logically, use proper grammar, and make correct stylistic references. Many students make vocabulary mistakes. You are not allowed to misuse of homonyms, which are words that sound the same but have entirely different meanings, usage, and spelling. As a result, your future reader will fail to understand the idea. Common homonyms are here vs hear, hole vs whole, its vs it’s, knew vs new, and many others. Students have problems with confusing words. They are similar in spelling, sound, and meaning and, yet, they are often confused, for example, accept – except, loose – lose, affect – effect, quite – quit – quiet, etc. That is why you must proofread your essay carefully.

Style mistakes

Every college essay has its own academic writing style and subtypes. Students must understand that each essay has certain peculiarities. Sometimes, the essay has been created correctly and is written in an exciting way; it still can make a weak impression if you failed to choose the correct style.

Stylistic Mistakes

It is crucial to know how to write a stylistically correct essay. You should avoid word repetition. Often students want to emphasize a particular idea, and as a result, they use the same lexical sets, which make your essay look annoying and childish. You should better use synonyms or word substitutes, for example, one, the former, the latter, etc. Avoid using too much formal/informal words and phrases. You have to avoid using slangish expressions as well as nonstandard verb forms, for example, wanna, gotta, etc. Try to keep the balance and use a good dictionary.

Structure mistakes

An essay is a particular form of academic writing. It has a long history and old traditions in terms of formatting and structuring and formatting. That is why you should follow the strict rules. There is no need to limit your creativity; just try to organize your thoughts following the structure.

Spelling/punctuation/grammar mistakes

Remember that spelling, grammar, and punctuation are essential parts of writing your college essay. Students who deal with humanities should be much more attentive about this important aspect of writing.


Students should always remember, even if they polish one field, but make some mistakes in another area, it will result in dramatically degrading your entire college essay. Study carefully all the points which represent the common mistakes while writing your academic paper. If you practice a lot, you will minimize risks, and you will accomplish writing a college essay much easier and faster.


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