Vape Pens vs Mods

Electronic vaporisers, or vapes, weren’t always so common. But in the last decade, these little devices have boomed in popularity. That’s led to many different types of vapes being developed and sold. 

All vapes perform the same essential function: vaporising juice into a vapour that the user can inhale. But they differ in many ways. 

Two of the main types of vapes on the market are vape pens and mods. These vapes differ in several main ways: size, style, intended use, and more. Most of these differences come down to what kind of user each style suits.

That begs the question this article seeks to answer: Are you more of a vape pen person or a mod person?


Vape Pens

Vapes of all types are not hard to come by nowadays. Industry leaders like RELX vape UK manufacture various vapes for all types of users, including pens.

Though vape pens are among the sleekest, smallest, and most simply designed of all vapes, they’re actually the most technologically advanced. It takes a lot of clever engineering to make such a complex device look so simple!

What distinguishes vape pens from mods—as well as pod-mods, sub-ohm vaporisers, and other types of vapes—is their minimal design. Vape pens are often comparable in design to USB drives due to their size, sleekness, and portability. 

Most vape pens come equipped with a battery, juice cartridge, a mouthpiece, and a button that activates the hit. 

But buyers beware that minimal design goes hand in hand with minimal functionality. Vape pens are best for users who have just switched over to vaping or only want to use lightly.


Vape Mods

Vaping is becoming more widely accepted than ever before. It means that there is a wide range of users, and devices are constantly coming out to evolve with the changing user demographics.

Where vape pens work well for the inexperienced user, mods are for the seasoned pro. 

Mods get their name because their design makes them suitable for modifications. These devices are bigger, bulkier, contain more moving parts. More of these parts can be switched out and modified, but those same parts need regular cleaning. Mods can come in sizes as big as walkie-talkies. 

Mods are best for users who know what they’re doing. These users don’t want to pop in a cartridge and go. They want to play around with textures and flavours. They want to take the vaping experience to the next level.


Which Is Right for You?

At the end of the day, the vape pen vs mod debate comes down to a trade-off between control and ease of use. 

If you want more control over your vaping experience, you should go with a mod. But with more control comes more responsibility—and more work. If you want ease of use, you should go with a vape pen, which you’ll only ever need to swap out cartridges for occasionally.

Whatever your preference, there’s a vaping device out there for you. It just takes paying attention to your taste and user habits. 


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