Acer Predator Talos 32GB DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory Kit Review

Lately, Acer have been releasing a lot of new gaming products under the Predator line. This time we will review the 32GB DDR4-3200 kit from the Talos series. It’s not hard to notice that the design of the Talos RAM is truly exceptional and one of a kind. This for sure will appeal to many gamers and modders. However, the most important thing, is what we can find under the heatsinks and the performance of the RAM. I hope this review answers this and all other questions about the Predator Talos memory kit.

Let’s begin with a long list of specifications and features.

With its heavily forged heatspreader design inspired by armor used in ancient warfare, Talos effectively protects the internal components and PCB board from its two biggest threats:  electromagnetic radiation and dust.


Talos enables easy overclocking, allowing gamers and enthusiasts to maximize their potential.
The customized zinc-alloy heatsink, with a luxurious texture, weighs up to 80 grams– that’s 4X as heavy as conventional heat spreaders. This makes it capable of strong heat dissipation during high-frequency operation, avoiding any accumulation of heat in the memory module and preventing any heat-induced instability. The components inside are also protected and even safe from most accidental drops.
Talos supports Intel XMP 2.0 one-click overclocking so end-users can experience the fun of extreme overclocking in just one step. Pre-defined profiles help gamers as well as enthusiasts overclock the memory modules to reach the best performance. And of course, every module comes with a fallback JEDEC default profile to avoid compatibility issues.



Talos only uses original components with the power to achieve a great overclocking performance. The modules are available with presets up to 3600 MHz while the voltage is always below 1.35 volts to ensure stable and reliable operation.

The Talos memory modules are available from 8 GB up to 32 GB per single module and the frequency range is from 2666 MHz up to 3600 MHz.



Talos personifies competition with its incredible  performance, providing stability even under the most intensive use. It keeps game lag or screen tearing at bay and when the critical moment to carry the day comes, players can depend upon Talos to let them show off their skills.
The customized and reinforced 8-layer PCB board beats the industry standard with a stronger oxidation resistance which also reduces signal weakening. A more stable signal transmission lets the player concentrate on the game.
The purchase of Talos memory kits helps users easily build dual- and quad-channel memory configurations to avoid problems such as poor compatibility, while greatly improving memory performance.
Predator memory series products undergo a strict production process with compatibility, reliability and other product tests. This ensures a better quality control and more reliable and stable product performance.

You can buy the Predator Talos 32GB (16GBx2) DDR4-3200 CL16  for around $179.00 from Amazon –


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