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Sennheiser Reviews

Most of my spare time in the last week was spent writing up the 3 reviews of the Sennheiser Momentum series of headphones. You can read them here:


There are several things that I came to realize whilst writing these reviews. First off was how to spell Sennheiser and hence pronounce it properly. No, I’m not copy and pasting the brand name, I’ve become accustomed to spelling it correctly now. I used to spell it as ‘Seinheiser’, therefore pronouncing the name incorrectly. That’s the problem with foreign names, you just aren’t sure if you are sounding like an idiot when you pronounce it. For years now I’ve been struggling to pronounce ASUS properly. Apparently its pronounced ‘Ah-Zeus’, and not how I’ve been saying it, ‘A-suss’.

More importantly its the large vocabulary used to describe the quality (or lack of) of the sound you hear. Adjectives normally reserved for your other senses just seems to somehow fit to describe the quality of sounds you hear; textured, smooth, gritty, rounded, etc. I’m no audiophile, but I do know the quality of sound I like and what I deem to be good sound, hence I was tasked by Winston, who’s a bit tone-deaf anyway, for the reviews.

I seriously enjoyed the time spent with the Sennheisers, top quality sounds at prices that are very affordable. My only gripe is that I didn’t stumble on these headphones sooner, and spent so much money on buying less quality headphones.

Going forward, Sennheiser has promised to send even better headphones for our reviews, and we’re hoping that we can get our hands on some of their microphones to test out.

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