Computex 2017 Day 3 – Roccat, EVGA, Phanteks, TeamGroup, Kingston, Corsair, Patriot, Antec, Gigabyte, Streacom

Computex 2017 Day 3 – This time we visit the Grand Hyatt hotel where you will find Roccat, EVGA, Phanteks, TeamGroup, Kingston, Corsair, Patriot and Antec. While Gigabyte and Streacom was located at Taipei 101.



Not much to see at the Roccat suite in Hyatt. You have the usual gaming keyabord, mice, headset and gaming chair. We did see the the Roccat Sova (MK version) in action. It’s not new new, but it was something that caught our eye. 



It’s the first time we met up with EVGA having missed them last year. On display was their DG-87 chassis. It looked really good. I love the temperature display on the bottom and the illuminated EVGA logo in side the chassis.

Other interesting product include their new range of X299 motherboards and AIO coolers, as well as aluminum covers/plates for their graphic cards – nice.

There was also a “special” GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card that’s co-developed with overclocker “Kingpin”. It has a robust and rustic look to it and features a massive all copper heatsink, with a special proprietary connector by EVGA. 



Phanteks continues to surprise us every year with some amazing new products. The Eclipse P300 midi tower chassis is super affordable and come tempered glass.

Next, we saw the “flagship” system – with dual motherboards and 3 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti cards and dual loops. Other products include tons of water cooling components including fittings, GPU and CPU water blocks. 

The main attraction of the whole suite are their mini-ITX cases, the Enthoo Evolv Shift X and the Enthoo Evolv Shift (photos 14, 15, 16). These chassis looks amazing, but price is another … 



TeamGroup this year skipped the Nangang center and instead decided to gave a suite at the Hyatt. On display, we saw their Night Hawk DDR4 ram in action, some special “Limited Edition” Xtreem DDR4 ram, as well as their M.2 SSDs and external SSDs.

TeamGroup was kind enough to give us one of only 50 sets in the world … “Limited Edition” Xtreem DDR4 ram rated at 4133MHz. Apparently, each individual memory chips are hand-picked to get best performance. See below.



Another first for us, the Kingston suite at the Hyatt. On display, we saw their latest NVMe SSD, the KC1000, and a wide range of gaming accessories including keyboards, mice, headsets and gaming chairs.

Kingston also had their other memory products on display. SD cards, USB drives and other SSDs in their catalog.



We revisit Corsair’s suite at the Hyatt and this year, they got some new and exciting products on show. A wireless, rechargeable gaming mouse (plus charging mouse pad), it’s called the Concept Zeus.

They also had loads of other products including their water resistant keyboard, MP500 SSD,  Concept Curve chassis (with carbon fiber), Dominator DDR4 ram

We also talked to Pascal about their new line of water cooling components, which he will be leading. We’ll soon see Corsair branded CPU and GPU water blocks, fittings, radiators, pumps and reservoirs. I can’t wait!!

And finally, their new flagship product … the Corsair One. It’s a complete system designed for gaming enthusiasts that want great looks, good performance and sufficient cooling. This system has it all. It has a mini ITX motherboard, 7700K chip, GTX 10 series graphics card all encased in a sleek aluminum chassis, and comes with convection cooling.



A couple of new products at the Patriot suite. These include the Scorch M.2 SSD, Patriot, the Viper Gaming Headset Stand/USB 3.0 Hub, and also ram with LEDs!! Finally 🙂



This is the first time we met with Priscilla, she was great! Plus she speaks Cantonese 😛 lol! She was kind enough to show around the suite. Some new chassis soon to be launched … the P8, Razer Cube and the P110. 

We also got the chance to see some nice booth (or suite) babes from Antec. But more importantly, there was a concept chassis in one of the other rooms at the suite. See below.

There’s no name to this is concept chassis … all we know is that it’s made from Aluminium, it’s compatible with mini ITX motherboards, and it look awesome!


Gigabyte Suite at the Taipei 101

Tons of mods at the Gigabyte’s suite on the 36/F of Taipei 101. On display were the usual X299 motherboards and their GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition (read the review here).

We saw some gaming laptops and Gigabyte’s complete range of Aorus branded products, including the gaming chair.


Gigabyte X399 Thread Ripper Motherboard (Socket TR4/SP3)

This is the first motherboard we’ve seen that supports AMD’s up-and-coming HEDT platform — The Ryzen Threadripper. The AORUS Gaming 7 has quad-channel memory support, upto 8 DIMMs. The datasheet reveals that Ryzen Threadripper will support up to 64 PCIe Gen3 lanes for 4-way multi-GPU support. This motherboard is ready for up to 16 cores and 32 thread AMD Threadripper CPUs.

AORUS Gaming 7 has three M.2 slots, ALC 1220 audio chipset, onboard Killer E2500 LAN and tons of RGB. The CPU is powered by 8+4 pin power connectors.



Last spot of the day went to Streacom. They had two new chassis on display. Both uses the chassis sides (which is made from solid Aluminium) as a heatsink! The new chassis picture above, comes with tempered glass, “heat-loops” not heatpipes and it completely FANLESS!!

You remember the BC1 open bench table which we reviewed a couple of months ago? Well, Streacom have come up with the BC1 Mini, designed specifically for mini ITX motherboards and SFX power supplies.


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