Our Podcast Show Ep.25 – Best of 2022 Computer Hardware

We’ve just posted our latest podcast. Episode 25 – Best PC Hardware of 2022 (On Worst Podcast Platform)! Go check out the podcast and remember to subscribe: https://bit.ly/3NFvWq8 👈

On Our Podcast Show for the second time this week, we are making it up to you, our viewers, for our failure to give you a show last week brought to you by Riverside.FM. We kick off our BEST OF 2022 series in this show, starting with the best PC hardware this year. From the best graphics card, the best CPU, plus the best motherboard to the best ram, the best cooling, the best SSD and more.

It’s a geeky episode, we both agree, but they are all things you’ll find INSIDE your desktop computer. We’ll try to break it down so it’s easier to follow. Please ask questions in the comments!

And, to prove we’re not a couple of Space Karens complaining to the manager of Riverside.FM, we’re capturing all of the platform’s failures in real-time. Don’t adjust your browser.




  • 00:00 – Intro. Stephen doesn’t want to be a KAREN!
  • 02:00 – Riverside.FM podcast platform CRASH! No.1
  • 02:37 – Let’s go after the restart! Round 1
  • 04:00 – Don’t blame Winston for the problems, Riverside.FM
  • 04:39 – Riverside.FM real-time platform CRASH again! No.2
  • 05:07 – Let’s go. Round 2 – Is it a hardware or software issue?
  • 06:38 – What’s the best CPU (processor) of 2022?
  • 08:35 – How much are the AMD Ryzen 7000 series of processors?
  • 09:49 – Why did AMD drop the prices of their new Ryzen 7000 series of processors?
  • 12:45 – Riverside.FM podcast platform CRASHES hard again! No.3
  • 13:28 – Let’s go. Round 3 – What are Intel’s new processors for 2022?
  • 14:28 – Why does it cost some much more for Intel-based systems?
  • 15:25 – Will Intel catch up to AMD with its chip fabrication?
  • 16:50 – What are the prices of Intel 13th gen processors?
  • 17:55 – Which processor has the best Price vs Performance ratio?
  • 19:12 – Which motherboards are cheaper? AMD or Intel?
  • 19:38 – Why does Winston love ASRock motherboards?
  • 20:25 – Are Gigabyte motherboards any good?
  • 21:47 – Are MSI motherboards any good?
  • 22:35 – Are OEM motherboards cheaper quality?
  • 24:03 – What’s the difference between the X670E vs B650E chipset?
  • 27:18 – What’s the price difference between X670E and Z790 motherboards?
  • 29:28 – Is AMD’s new and improved software driver any good?
  • 30:46 – What happened to Nvidia’s new RTX 40-series graphics card?
  • 32:02 – How good are AMD’s new Radeon 7000 series graphics cards?
  • 32:56 – What’s so special about the new DisplayPort 2.1?
  • 34:08 – Is AMD’s new and improved software driver any good?
  • 34:49 – Why should you get the Radeon RX 7900 XTX?
  • 35:48 – Which brands of SSDs should you go for?
  • 37:33 – Is Kingston FURY (previously HyperX) any good?
  • 40:55 – Intel XMP (eXtreme Memory Profiles) vs AMD EXPO (Extended Profiles for Overclocking)
  • 42:23 – Why is an AIO (all-in-one) liquid CPU cooler better than an air cooler?
  • 45:48 – Is air cooling still good enough?
  • 48:28 – Which monitor brand should I go for gaming?
  • 50:00 – Which monitor brand should I go for content creation?
  • 51:37 – Should I get a curved gaming monitor with G-Sync or Free-Sync?
  • 53:06 – Why are BenQ and Dell monitors suitable for content creation?
  • 54:17 – Which is better, Curved vs Flat monitors?
  • 56:45 – Which is better, 2K (1440p) vs 4K (2160p)?
  • 57:19 – It’s a wrap. Here’s our social?





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