Doom Eternal – Not Only Guns and Gore, Skillful Inventory Management Required

I can’t wait to play this game … but skillful inventory management is required!  😛

Hugo Martin, creative director at id Software, told us to expect fewer health packs and ammo dumps dotted around levels, with item distribution “tuned and tightened” across Doom Eternal. The game also introduces flame belch, a new companion attack that sets demons ablaze, and causes them to bleed armor top-ups. I’m not sure why they do that.



This new flame attack adds yet another dimension to how chainsaw attacks will land you with ammo, and how standard melee kills bump up your health. Somehow, the creators have cunningly snuck a resource-management sim into the world’s most iconic FPS series. During my hands-on demo at E3, if my armor wasn’t sufficient, then flame belching was my friend. I would focus attacks on hard-hitting demons, dovetailing to one-hit melee kills on lesser foes in order to keep health levels high.

Source: Engadget

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