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We take a look at this year’s mods at Computex 2019. It seems modding is still a big part of show, and manufacturers are producing a lot more watercooling-based products. There were so many mods this year, and we just couldn’t fit them all in … but here are some of the highlights.  We’ll start off with Asus’s Prime Utopia.



Now this is something REAL special. It’s called the Prime Utopia project, and it’s a concept design that’s completely modular. It offers an all-in-one liquid cooling solution which you can fully monitor with OLED displays, and comes with interchangeable I/O modules.








Adata and Enermax



Each one of these open-chassis is UNIQUE (no chassis is the same design), and they’re available in various colors. Price estimates is approximately USD $4K!

Now this chassis is more my thing … it’s the Inwin 309 with a programmable LED front panel that displays the pattern of your design via a software.







They also had several systems built demonstrating their various memory speeds and latencies from 4000MHz to their highest 5200Mhz.


Finally, we have some interesting mods including a Heineken inspired mod (bottom left) that can actually pour beer! There’s a mod with a G.Skill inspired distro-plate which I thought was pretty cool. And lastly, there’s a cube-shaped mod that uses the cold temperature of the LN2 to cool the entire system (bottom right).





There’s no shortage of mods at the Bitspower booth. Just look at all the variety and creativity of these modders. It’s just amazing with what they can do with PC parts. Check out the Beijing Olympic Nest stadium mod and the Game of Thrones mod.








Video – Computex 2019 Coverage and Highlights


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