Project: MakeMeCooler Doraemon Build Log – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our project build. My Doraemon decals have arrived and now the spray painting continues. We chose our theme based around the Anime character Doraemon because of the blue and white colors, which I think is a perfect match.

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The Doraemon decals

These decals are not your ordinary stickers … they are designed to used on cars and therefore should be more robust (weatherproof). I had to place a special order from a company in Singapore.


The spay painting continues

After deciding not to cut the solid metal side panel due to limited tools and space, we continued the spay painting. Blue and white is the theme we used for our project.

To make the side panel less bland and more interesting, we added added some hexagonal dots using a template we purchased. After the spray painting was complete, we finished it off with some high gloss lacquer/coating.


Adding the Decals and Front Panel LEDs

Once the side and front panels are fully dried off, it’s time to carefully stick our Doraemon Decals. 

To give it that extra special look, we added some blue LEDs around the Cooler Master badge, which fitted in the six holes we previously drilled using a Dremel.


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