Project: Red Iron (Build Log – Part 2)

Installing the components

Back to the chassis, and it was time to mount on all the hardware components before measuring up the hard tubing and bends.


I knew one of the stumbling blocks was height of the GEIL EVO-X ram, so these were slotted onto the motherboard first.


The Bitspower slim 120mm radiator and Corsair HD120 RGB fan was mounted into position. I had to settle for the orientation of the radiator as seen in the above photo as the GEIL EVO-X ram when slotted onto the motherboard, blocked any route for tubing.


Here’s the top view so far, it is already looking a little cramped in there.


The Cooler Master V650 power supply was temporarily put into position (after the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Mini was slotted in) to let me gauge how much room, or rather lack it, I was left to play with.


And if that wasn’t cramped enough, the motherboard 8-pin extension and 24-pin extension cables were slotted in and tidied away for now. Notice I had to bend down the 8-pin extension cable a lot to allow a piece of hard tubing to be place horizontally above it linking the CPU water block to the bottom connector of the radiator.

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