Skylake-X i9 ITX PC Mod – By Bart Waluk

This is a quick mod based on various components that I had laying around. It maybe sounds funny considering what is inside. However, it’s a build meant to be a gaming PC for my brother who I guess is happy right now.

I also wish to thank Alphacool, ASRock, Crucial, Enermax, and Patriot Memory for support. Most of the used components were not meant to be used in this build and were review samples which you could see in reviews on the FunkyKit. Below are the more detailed specifications and a couple of photos of the mentioned ITX build.





Custom water cooling – most from Alphacool:

  • Eisblock Nylon Clear
  • NexXxos GPX for GTX1070
  • NexXxos 280mm copper radiator
  • AquaTuning UV-Crystal blue coolant
  • Aurora UV hard tube LED rings – somehow they fit perfectly on flexible tubes
  • XSPC pump/rad, just because I couldn’t find anything that won’t interfere with other components and cables, and wouldn’t be too high cost



The used case is Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX. It supposed to be available in black or white but for some reason, I’ve received mixed version so I’ve decided to repaint it. Below is a sample of the paint effect. It’s a gray base with diamond effect. It’s hard to catch exact effect on the photos but I guess you can imagine it looking at the photos.

The i9-7900X is a really big problem in small cases. I was trying to install this processor in a Phantex Shift and couple of other cases and I can tell that the Enthoo ITX is the smallest reasonable case for so high wattage CPU.

Maximum CPU temperature while all 10 cores are under load is about 80°C. That’s at 4.5GHz 1.12V at which my processor is able to run stable.

Used 32GB of Crucial SODIMM run in quad channel mode and is able to overclock up to DDR4-4000 CL20. Both the CPU and RAM are working at the lower frequency just because it’s not required to set it so high.

The power button has no lighting and I decided to paint it with fluorescent paint. It’s a bit “yellowish” on the photo.

With so many LEDs and additional components installed inside the ITX case, all the cable management is a challenge. I’ve removed HDD cage as it won’t be needed. There is still space for one 2.5″ drive and the motherboard supports three M.2 SSD so there won’t be any need of more space for storage.

Since I’m replacing hardware quite often and this is a PC which supposed to last for longer then I’ve decided on flexible tubes. Much easier to install and this setup lets to make some changes in the future. I still wanted to use tube rings with LED lighting so I’ve installed Aurora UV hard tube LED rings on the flexible tubes and it works great.

That’s about all. Everything looks much better in dark.

Even though it’s not the best-looking mod which we’ve presented on our website, I hope it will inspire some readers to build great looking and powerful mini PC.


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