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This is one of our first entries for our Mod My Box™ Special Feature hosted by Funky Kit. It’s called the Dragon Case and it was sent in by John aka Oldman …




“Having a woodshop I deceided to build an all wood pc case of course it had to be a great wood so Black Walnut was picked. The case frame is made of ¾” thick stock 9” Wide, 21” Tall, 18” Deep.”

Photo Gallery


#1 shows you the front with the exposed drive bays at the bottom with an intake clearly seen at the top, #1A was a test setup of the cooler making sure I had room for the Mb/Cpu, #2 a shot of the motherboard tray made from ¼” cabinet grade plywood spray painted with a Copper Metalic paint, twin 4” exhaust  fans and the card cage.




Now to the fun part I love to do scroll saw work so why not on this project, #3 now shows you the finished drive bay I thin cut a strip of Black Walnut cut the slot and glued strips to the DVD, lower decal  and divider strips still Walnut but sprayed with Gold sparkle paint, the feet four total were cut on the band saw and hand filed to the finished product.

Now why it is called the Dragon Case #4 the left door panel with a see through window still covered with the protection sheet, #4A a close up this dragon measures 10 1/4” Tall 6 1/2” Wide, the pattern was tack glued on to the walnut then each piece was cut like a jigsaw puzzle piece, sanded and then glue piece by piece on to ¼” plywood that had first been painted with a Red sparkle paint, two coats of Lacquer finished this side.

#5 the right side dragon measures 15” Tall 9” Wide same process as the left panel, #6 now to my best yet one piece of ¼” walnut, this dragon measures 8” Tall 7 ¼” Wide took 2 days to cut on the Scroll saw, pattern was tack glued to the wood, holes drill for cutting cut/sanded and four coats of Lacquer.

#7 I mount it on ¼” black mesh and lighted the case with 9” Orange strip lights top and bottom.
#8 The finished case before adding the hardware.



I have more pictures showing each step from parts to drawings if needed. John aka “Oldman”

Name of Modder: Oldman

Name of the Mod: The Dragon Case

Location: USA

Submitted: 2008


  • Asus P6T Deluxe
  • OCZ DDR3 6 GIG
  • Intel i7 920 2.67
  • BFG GTX280
  • ST350032AS
  • Lite-on DVD/RW
  • Samsung Syncmaster T260
  • Razer Lachesis Mouse
  • Razer Lycsa Keyboard
  • Fang Gamepad
  • Vista 64 bit



This is one of our first entries for our Mod My Box™ Special Feature hosted by Funky Kit. It’s called the Dragon Case and it was sent in by John aka Oldman …

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