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AGON by AOC puts Together a Gamer’s Gift Guide for This Christmas

The holiday season and festivities are just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to get a new monitor or a gaming accessory for the battle station. AGON by AOC has put together a few suggestions for players to spruce up their entertainment setup – whatever New Year resolutions gamers are thinking of, for those who covet a new display, the New Year resolutions will be high and crisp.

Get the upper hand with high refresh rates
AGON by AOC is a true gamer’s brand, shown by their cooperation with the major esports team G2 Esports. AGON by AOC has a monitor or a gaming accessory for every gamer out there – from the casual gamer who winds down after work with a couple of competitive battle royale matches, driving on a racing sim, or playing soccer titles with their mates, to the esports athletes that compete at the highest level and game for a living.

Gaming on a tight budget
With the 24” 24G2SAE (MSRP: £169.99) or the 27” 27G2SAE (MSRP: £219), AGON by AOC offers an affordable yet powerful proposition with two Full HD monitors, boasting 165 Hz refresh rates and contrast-rich panels that can cover home office tasks and competitive gaming at the same time. With 4 ms GtG and 1 ms MPRT response time, coupled with AMD FreeSync Premium and Adaptive-Sync support, fast-paced action is crisp and smooth, while the high refresh rate enables gamers to pick up enemies’ movements faster and react quicker to get the upper hand. The sturdy stand with tilt option or the VESA mount option provide great versatility in almost any occasion. Gamers looking for monitors with colour-accurate IPS panels to use for content creation, streaming and more, can opt for the 24G2SPU (MSRP: £169.99) and 27G2SPU (MSRP: £229) instead, featuring a 165 Hz refresh rate, 4 ms GtG, 1 ms MPRT, and an ergonomic stand as well.

Faster and smarter
Gamers competing in esports titles might need to go at a faster refresh rate. The AOC GAMING 25G3ZM/BK (MSRP: £189) features a fast VA Panel offering 240 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms GtG response time and just 0.5 ms MPRT response time, so gamers will get the most up-to-date visual information from the game world and can combine this information with their fast reflexes to counter their opponents’ attacks. It harmonises perfectly with the AOC GAMING GH401 (MSRP: £54.99) headset. This headset is ideal for lightweight comfort, has a superior sound quality, and is equipped with 2.4 GHz wireless connection. It lets the users hear more of the game with precise 50 mm drivers, which deliver an exciting sound experience for all genres of games. The headset is comfortable and durable, with a detachable noise-cancelling mic and convenient multi-platform compatibility via 2.4 GHz wireless and 3.5 mm wired connection.



Jump right into battle with this set of gaming gear
When building a gaming PC, getting the case components is only half of the equation. A true gaming PC needs to be matched with a gaming monitor, an accurate gaming mouse, a sturdy keyboard, and a comfy headset. AOC offers a great collection of kit for almost any gamer out there. The AOC GAMING Q27G2E/BK (MSRP: £219), is a 27″ affordable QHD gaming monitor with a contrast-rich VA panel, 155 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time (MPRT) – making it a future-proof monitor for years to come thanks to its sharp resolution and fast panel.

Gamers can combine this monitor with a true mechanical keyboard such as the AOC GAMING GK500 keyboard (MSRP: £54.99), which is great to play on, thanks to Outemu mechanical red switches.The GK500 is comfortable thanks to a magnetic wrist-rest, and strong thanks to sturdy materials. The AOC GAMING GM500 (MSRP: £15.99) mouse completes the desk setup, which fits left-handed as well as right-handed users, and is equipped with an accurate Pixart 3325 sensor supporting 5000 DPI, 100 IPS and 20 g acceleration.

Wrapping up the setup, the wired USB headset AOC GAMING GH300 (MSRP: £42.99) presents a comfy companion for gamers. Thanks to its 50 mm drivers, it delivers clean and crisp sound with a defined bass range, and its virtual 7.1 surround sound support (on PC) allows gamers to pinpoint their enemies’ position accurately. Together, all four products allow gamers to boost their gear to a competitive level with a total cost under £333.

Built for fast reflexes
Gamers competing at the top levels won’t be satisfied with just 144 Hz or 165 Hz, especially when their opponents run at a higher refresh rate and can see and react to them faster. For this reason, the 240 Hz models from AGON by AOC line-up come to the rescue. AOC GAMING C27G2ZU (with an ergonomic height-adjustable stand – MSRP: £189) or the AOC GAMING C27G2ZE (with a tilt-supporting stand – MSRP: £209) offer 27” curved VA panels with a breath-taking 240 Hz refresh rate. Their 1500R curvature surrounds and draws gamers deeper into the game world, immersing them in FPS, action or simulation titles. For even better immersion, the AOC GAMING C32G2ZE (MSRP: £249) offers 240 Hz refresh rate on a larger 32” canvas. All three models boast Full HD resolution, making the possibility of reaching 240 frames per second in games even more of a reality without the need of the highest-tier GPUs.

A feast for ambitious gamers
The latest, fifth generation of the AGON series monitors is a proposition for more demanding gamers. The recently launched AGON AG275QZN/EU (MSRP: £439) – a flat 27” QHD monitor with a VA panel – offers a sharp and crisp resolution, while it excels at fast-paced action thanks to its 240 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms GtG response time and just 0.5 ms MPRT. A sturdy, ergonomic stand with height, tilt, and pivot adjustment and its brushed metal finish radiates “premium” vibes throughout.

This beast of a monitor is best matched with AGON by AOC’s 700 series accessories. The AGON AGK700 (MSRP: £102.99) is equipped with Cherry MX Red switches for the accurate tactile feedback, carries a strong build quality with a comfortable wrist support, and offers easy access to macro buttons, volume wheel, and more. The gaming mouse AGON AGM700 (MSRP: £38.99) offers a two-tone design with silver and black accents, and the weight can be easily adjusted thanks to the weight modules. This will be a perfect pick with 16,000 DPI, a dedicated sniper button, programmable buttons, and RGB customisation via AOC G-Menu.

The icing on the Christmas cake is the AGON AMM700 (MSRP: £16.99) mouse pad that features a great surface for mice of any heritage, while the subtle RGB lights surrounding the sides of the fabric can be synchronised with other AOC gear as well.

Need more space?
For anyone looking for more screen real estate, the 34″ ultrawide AOC GAMING U34G3XM/EU (MSRP: £339.99) fits the bill. Thanks to its 21:9 aspect ratio, it can replace dual monitor setups and can improve productivity. And in games and movies, the extra horizontal space will cover users’ peripheral vision perfectly, allowing them to fully immerse themselves. With a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms MPRT response time, the U34G3XM/EU is even fit for fast-paced action.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from AOC!

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