Blackmagic Pro Livestreaming Switcher

Live streamers will find this tool supremely useful … 

Taken from Engadget  … If you’re devoted enough to livestreaming that you want the kind of features you’d expect from a TV studio, Blackmagic might have your back. It’s releasing the ATEM Mini Pro, an enhanced version of the ATEM Mini switcher that’s focused on the most elaborate streaming setups. There’s now a hardware streaming engine that lets the Pro stream directly to Twitch, Facebook and YouTube through an Ethernet connection, with no special software required. You can also save recordings for posterity to USB flash drives, and multiview on the HDMI output lets you monitor all inputs on one screen.

The ATEM Mini Pro includes all the features of the base model, including four HDMI inputs, chroma key, 12-channel audio mixing and a built-in video editor for picture-in-picture and other effects. If you do have favorite streaming software, a USB connection treats the switcher like a wildly overpowered webcam.

Blackmagic is selling the Pro now for $595. That’s utter overkill for most streamers, many of whom who would be better-served by a simple device like the Elgato Stream Deck Mini. Even the $295 standard ATEM Mini may be more than enough for serious users. If your stream is large enough that you have a multi-cam setup and might only spend some of your time at a desk, though, the price might be easier to swallow.

Source: Engadget


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