Alienware Shows Off Their a 55″ OLED Gaming Monitor

Check out the size of this thing! 

So, that news title may be slightly too flashy for the actual product, but bear with me here: OLED is such an improvement over current mainstream display technologies that its transition to the PC monitor space is one of the most sought-after unicorns in this market. Alienware, via a partnership with LG (that’s almost obvious), will be making this particular unicorn come to reality. The Alienware 55 OLED gaming monitor will feature 4K resolution @ 120 Hz, Variable Refresh Rate support via HDMI 2.1 (FreeSync? G-Sync? – all’s still up in the air), DisplayPort 1.4, and 98 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 RGB spectrum with a candy of HDR support thrown in the mix.

If those specs sound familiar, they are; Alienware is naturally using an LG OLED panel for this product, which the specs, all in the same ballpark of LG’s announced products, show. Even the diagonal, so incredibly big by PC monitor standards (unless you count NVIDIA’s BFGD displays), is the lowest an LG OLED will go. So, the lack of a TV tuner seems to be one of the signs that points towards this television’s classification as a gaming monitor. Whether there are more specific, under the hood improvements for a PC-centric monitor of if this is just a repurposed LG OLED television with Alienware’s branding and a gaudy light strip on the back of the monitor isn’t a question we’re equipped to answer at the moment. However, it has several modes to support different game genres that Alienware says will be optimized for those types of games.

Linus Tech Tips actually recorded the Alienware monitor in-action at 4K resolution, so you can check that video (with YouTube compression, sadly) below.

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