First BenQ monitor with ultra-HD picture performance in 32-inch format The BL3201PT BenQ offers superior image quality with 100% sRGB, 4K resolution and a productive layout

benq 4k

benq 4k

UltraHD and 4K are all of the buzz in the display market right now. Just when you thought that image quality had peaked, manufacturers such as BenQ have raised the bar in visual fidelity with ultra-sharp 4K displays such as the recently introduced BL3201PT. Read more to find out why you should be considering this as your next display purchase.

Eindhoven, December 18, 2014 – BenQ, the LED display expert, introduces the BL3201PT his first associate that display with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels on a single screen, a four times higher resolution than the traditional get Full HD monitors. With the professional 4K screen make users familiar with an unparalleled level of color and detail. Guaranteed from every angle thanks to IPS technology. The monitor is ideal for professionals who work with animation, video and image processing, which require consistently high color accuracy and precision. Thanks to the generous display space on a screen size of 32 inches (81.28 cm) combined with a wealth of detail and a flexible layout users can achieve higher productivity. The BenQ developed Displaying Pilot software ensures maximum clarity and provides various functions AutoPivot, Desktop Partition and OSD control. The BL3201PT is now commercially available for a price of € 999, – (RRP incl. VAT.)

Impressive visual experience 4K

The 32-inch monitor BL3201PT with 10-bit panel and associate resolution is designed to display detailed images and content with a high resolution. The perfect monitor for professional users who wager on maximum image performance. The IPS panel with LED backlight has a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000,000: 1 and offers thanks to the 100% sRGB gamut amazingly accurate color reproduction. The wide viewing angle of 178 degrees horizontal / vertical thereby ensures the greatest possible image quality even when looking from the side, top or bottom of the screen. Users who are content with a lower resolution to edit, do not need to compromise on the functionality of the monitor: BenQ BL3201PT interpolates full HD content effortlessly to a 4K resolution.

Generous work for the highest precision

Compared with traditional Full HD screens, the BenQ BL3201PT offers associate with resolution more than three times as much space to display the contents on the screen. This can not only be more details in large format displays, but the work can also be classified separately into a “2-in-1 mode” so that work can be performed more productive. Example, users who are used to working with smaller screens can divide the 32-inch UHD display two monitors nearly 19-inch and easily switch between the two windows. Moreover, with the implemented Display Pilot software, the contents of two different sources are displayed simultaneously, so for example, two reports at a glance can be compared. His striking, yet timeless design is complemented by an OSD controller in the stylish monitor base is integrated. This wired controller, which works as a remote control, the monitor shows itself as a true multitasker. With one press of the button can be switched between different modes, animations and presentations. The handy pivot function, the screen can be rotated both horizontally and vertically, while the screen content automatically rotates and aligns.

Integrated all important connections

The BenQ BL3201PT offers numerous interfaces that provide a high degree of flexibility in the selection of input sources. The display of 4K content via the display port 1.2 with a screen refresh rate of 60 Hz possible. The monitor is equipped with DVI-DL, HDMI and VGA ®, as well as four USB 3.0 ports, a built-in SD card reader and two 5-watt speakers.

Important features of the BenQ BL3201PT at a glance

  • LED backlight: BenQ LED backlighting offers significant advantages over traditional CCFL technology: higher output and optimized color ensure outstanding picture performance.
  • Ergo Monitor – HAS: BenQ BL3201PT offers a comprehensive range of flexible and comfortable settings, the monitor is adjustable up to 150 mm, swivel, tilt and swivel.
  • Eye-Care ™ technology: to save your eyes during prolonged use, the BL3201PT has a dynamic brightness control and a flicker-free image.
  • Eye Protect Sensor: Integrated Eye Protect sensor detects the ambient light and adjusts the screen brightness. The Smart Reminder reminds the user to take the 20, 40, 60 or 100 minutes at a break.
  • Low Blue Light Mode: Each display has a blue component in the light, that eye irritation can result. BenQ’s unique Low Bluelight technology reduces this blue light to provide healthier working conditions.
  • Display Pilot: the Display Pilot software multiple windows from two different sources with one click are displayed on the screen.

Source: BenQ

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