Korg Volca Modular Synth Reviewed at Engadget

The Volca Modular is a semimodular, West Coast-style synthesizer. And until I received this review unit, I had zero experience with either modular or West Coast-style synths. I am coming at this device from the perspective of a novice. And that’s exactly the target audience. The Volca Modular is an affordable entry point to two worlds typically priced out of the range of the casual hobbyist. So the real question isn’t “what do modular experts and West Coast veterans think about it?” It’s “what can a beginner like myself learn from it?”

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  • Makes modular and West-Coast synthesis affordable
  • Excels at chaotic and experimental sounds
  • Adds welcome new features to the Volca sequencer 


  • Sound can be difficult to tame
  • Tiny nonstandard wires may not last


The Volca Modular expands Korg’s series of portable, entry-level synths to interesting new territory. It makes the experimental world of West Coast and modular synthesis affordable to the masses. Its embrace of the unpredictable can be fun, but it may also frustrate someone looking for more traditional synth sounds.

Source: Engadget


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