Samsung MS750 Sound+ Soundbar Offers 32-bit Audio and Subwoofer-like Bass

It’s difficult for soundbars to stand out: they have to be very intelligent or sweet-sounding to rise above the rest. Samsung is clearly betting on that second strategy to stand out. It just started shipping the MS750 Sound+ Soundbar it unveiled back in January, and the emphasis here is on quality above all else. Spend $500 on this plain-looking gear and you’ll get “Ultra High Quality” 32-bit audio upscaling that Samsung says should preserve the quality of a source. That’s going to depend heavily on the source itself, so don’t expect flawless audio from your favorite game or movie, but you can get “HD sound” from a mobile source like Samsung’s own Multiroom App.

The other party trick: reducing (or in some cases, eliminating) the need for extra equipment. As outlined at CES, it’s supposed to offer subwoofer-grade bass all on its own. You can pair it with an optional W700 subwoofer ($700) to lower the sound floor to 27Hz, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Also, it promises a wider sound stage, with wide sound dispersion thanks to an appropriate tweeter and a crossover range between 600Hz and 20kHz.

Source: Engadget


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