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EK Unveils Cutting-Edge Liquid Cooling Technology at COMPUTEX 2024

EK, the leading premium liquid cooling solutions provider, is present at the biggest global computer and technology trade show, COMPUTEX 2024, both on-site and online. For the first time, EK is displaying its innovations at the main exhibition venue, the Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, booth N0003, from June 4 to 7.

If you are a media, influencer, PC modder, reseller, system integrator, or interested in a business relationship with EK, don’t hesitate to book an in-person meeting with EK’s team of experts at COMPUTEX 2024 on THIS LINK.

COMPUTEX is an annual event where the most important technology breakthroughs in the PC industry are presented. This year, EK introduces its greatest achievements in PC cooling, which will change the industry and how liquid cooling is applied.

EK has successfully mastered the custom loop and AIO market with countless design and performance review awards, but one remaining gap needs to be filled so that more households can benefit from this technology. Enter EK Nexe.



EK Nexe
EK’s promise to the PC industry is to bring the greatest price/performance ratio imaginable and change how water cooling is perceived. Nexe is the technological link between efficient cooling and high-performance computing, combining the best features of custom open-loop cooling and all-in-one closed-loop cooling. Embodied in a minimalistic and clean design, this innovation allows efficient heat removal from critical hardware components like the GPU and CPU with low noise pollution.

This is a brand-new product line designed from scratch. In contrast to most custom loop products, Nexe’s critical components – water blocks and combo units – are injection molded, just like in AIO production. This achieves the best ratio between performance, design, and price, making the upcoming Nexe products more accessible to the masses and commercially enticing to System Integrators.

One of the most time-consuming elements of building a custom loop cooling system is measuring and cutting the tubes, threading fittings, and securing fitting compression rings. Nexe eliminates all threads and focuses on simple push-in fittings that lock in place, creating an airtight seal while allowing tubes to rotate freely.

While Nexe CPU water blocks keep the traditional design and its key components, Nexe GPU water blocks take a modular approach. The GPU water block is comprised of a universal cooling core or platform specific to certain GPU models and a heatsink that covers the entire PCB.

A single Nexe GPU cooling core can cover the RTX 4080 and 4090 graphics cards, actively cooling the graphics processing unit and the VRAM. Other critical components on the GPU PCB are cooled with an aluminum extrusion boasting a large surface area, which is CNC-milled for every GPU model specifically. When the GPU cooling core and the aluminum heatsink are joined, their appearance resembles a sleek, minimalistic water block with an acetal top.

The Nexe cooling loop is powered by the pump-reservoir combo unit, which includes a genuine D5 pump made in Europe. The more affordable version of the D5, the DTX, is also available. The DTX pump is still a very capable and reliable unit, significantly more powerful than a standard AIO pump.

The two Quick Disconnect (QDC) fittings pre-installed on the combo unit provide quick filling and loop maintenance for the entire loop, which brings us to another product that will be an integral addition to the Nexe solutions.

EK-Pro DFF Unit
Every custom loop user knows that preparing and maintaining the loop are complex processes. A good analogy of the breakthrough that happened in the PC industry with the introduction of liquid cooling is the automotive industry. There was also a breaking point when the entire car industry shifted to liquid-cooled solutions. But what the PC industry is missing at this moment is the tools and knowledge to perform regular maintenance on liquid-cooled hardware, much like a car needs its fluids changed every once in a while.

With EK-Pro DFF Unit, where DFF stands for Draining, Flushing, and Filling, EK now offers a solution to quickly fill, properly maintain, and service liquid-cooled gaming and workstation setups.

This is not an ordinary product with a pump, reservoir, and filter that can fill a loop; it goes way beyond that. Imagine it as a dishwashing machine with various programs, but instead of dishes, it cleans liquid cooling loops.

Every open-loop liquid-cooled PC requires a few extra steps to ensure a seamless user experience. First, a leak test is required to ensure the loop is assembled correctly, and the DFF unit performs this task. It is also preferable that the entire loop is cleaned and flushed before filling it. The DFF machine also performs the complete cleaning and flushing process.

The unit is connected to four large containers: one for the new coolant, one for the cleaning solution, another one for the flushing agent, and the last one for the waste.

Because of this setup, it can perform intricate programs that run different cycles of pressurizing the loop, filling the loop with the special EK cleaning agent and recirculating it for a specific amount of time, then flushing the whole system with the purpose-made flushing solution, and finally, filling the loop with fresh coolant.

All this with the press of a button on its user-friendly touchscreen interface!

The great thing about the DFF machine is that it can also be used with other liquid cooling solutions; it is not limited to EK’s Nexe and Pro product lines. Conversion adapters that will convert any regular custom loop product on the market to become DFF–compatible are also part of the plan. The female push-in fitting adapter has a male G1/4 thread, while the male one features a female G1/4 thread. This plays a vital role in adapting EK Pro line products into functional parts of the Nexe product line and assembling serious workstation PCs.



EK invites you to watch the first EK EXPO | COMPUTEX 2024 video. This exclusive footage takes you straight to EK’s COMPUTEX booth, which showcases the latest EK innovations, including Nexe and the DFF Unit.

Don’t miss out on Day 2 of the online EK EXPO event for a closer look at how EK continues to lead the industry in innovation and performance. Stay tuned!

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