Computex 2024: Day 3 – Corsair

There’s no need for an introduction when it comes to Corsair. They were at the Grand Hyatt hotel suite during Computex 2024. They showcased new products which included their new Elgato Streamdeck with XLR mic interface, BTF chassis, SFX power supplies, AIO coolers with interrchangeable faces, new cooling fans and their Drop keyboards.



The new Elgato Stream Deck now includes a XLR mic interface … perfct for streamers and content creators. They also have a new adjustable desk for creators with a light tan color for a nice and clean look. On the display wall they showcased their special edition//limited-run of Wave mics, Stream Decks and mic arm.


Their popular iCUE LINK series of AIO coolers were on display, including the LCD, RGB and Titan RX models. On there other wall were a whole range cooling fans including their latest RS 120 MAX and RS 140 MAX with a thickness of 30mm.


The Drop keyboards were something that Corsair was highlighting … extremely customizable with replaceable frames and had a decent weight to it. They also showcased an Artisan kboard with custom keycaps … it is beautiful but also pricey at USD $600!

They had a section displaying their SCUF custom gaming controllers.


This SFX power supply is tiny and measures just 125 x 63.5 x 100mm, yet it offers a massive 1000W of power!


Two systems in one? Well, Corsair showcased a system with 2 motherboards powered separately by 2 SFX power supplies! One motherboard is set up for gaming, while the other is configured for streaming … all housed in one case!

They also had BTF chassis which looked great, and a new affordable chassis named 3500X for only $90-100 approx.



And lastly, we saw some new chasis/frames for racing simulators.



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